Riffmaster Pro: A Total Review

The Riffmaster Pro app lets students of the guitar not only slow down songs but - without changing the pitch! 

What happens when I slow down songs with Riffmaster Pro?

Sometimes when we hear a song with an epic guitar solo or riff, the music behind the melody is just mind boggling. Now, the mystery of how the greatest and most renown songs are brought to light - simply by them slowing down.

  • Master ANY Guitar solo faster than ever before
  • Master Any Guitar Riff faster ever before
  • Master the Chords To Any Song faster than ever before
  • Learn the lyrics to Any song quickly
  • Learn any song Fast
  • The Perfect Speed & Ear Training tool for all musicians beginners to advanced
  • Build and maintain Amazing speed of Any solo or riff
  • Master difficult phrasing like never before
  • Master any guitar solo, lick or riff Note for Note.
  • Discover the Magic of “Playing By Ear”
  • Transcribe music of any song FAST
  • Never experience changing the song's pitch again
Playing Solo's With the Riffmaster Pro Application is Different:

Do you have a favorite solo that you can't just quite master? Well, with this app you can actually slowdown music within seconds on Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad . You'll become a leveled up guitarist, playing solo's better, faster, and far stronger.

How did the greats become the greatest? They practiced. Hours upon countless hours of hard work. What Riffmaster Pro does is allow you to slow down at first, in order to come back playing at lightning speed.

Being able to almost bullet-time record breaking fast solo's in such a way that allows you to clearly hear every note is what this app is all about. 

A Unique Approach Birthed Riffmaster Pro

The Pro Software is unlike anything on the market for serious and aspiring musicians. This is because it's an application built by musicians, for musicians. With extreme care with understanding each learning curve that you need to tackle as you learn the guitar, the Pro app is designed to guide you.

We Know You Have Questions About the Riffmaster Pro...

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, 'how does the app or software work', what does it work with etc. so, we've taken the liberty the help answer all of your most common questions below. Keep reading!

1. Can I use the Riffmaster Pro on Multiple Devices?

2. What Mac & iOS and Windows Versions does Riffmaster Pro Operate On?

Your purchase of Riffmaster Pro comes with a license key that you can use on two machines. This means that a Mac version purchase allows you two installs on Mac. A purchase of a Windows license can be installed on two Windows machines. 

Riffmaster Pro works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 10 and Mac OS X ( 10.5 and above). You can also use it on your iPhone and iPad.

3. If my hard drive crashed and burned, can I get a new license?

4. Where are the bonus packs that come with the software?

Yes you can re-install to the same computer very simply. Please retrieve your license and download the latest version of Riffmaster Pro at our licensee retrieval page.
Re-installs are free of charge to registered users for a 12 month period from date of purchase.

The bonus packs are downloadable directly after purchase. They are also in the welcome email you receive after purchase.
If you have lost the link please email support@riffmasterpro.com with your order receipt number and they will resend you the link.

5. Can I pay securely? Can I pay with credit card? How about PayPal? 

6. Are updates free of charge?

Yes, you can pay securely with PayPal and with all major credit cards. Riffmaster Pro uses ClickBank.com for all payment transactions. Riffmaster Pro does not store card numbers.
By acting as the trusted intermediary, ClickBank maintains complete security and quality control in every transaction. 

MINOR updates are free of charge to registered users for a 12 month period from date of purchase.

MAJOR upgrades are charged at a smaller % of the sale price to registered users.

7. What audio files does Riffmaster Pro Play?

8. How slow can Riffmaster Pro play a song or a guitar lick?

RMP now plays Mp3’s, Wav, Mp4, Wma (windows), Ogg Vorbis and AIFF, flac, m4a, cda.

RMP slows down any audio from 99% to 25% of the original speed of the song.
The sound is distortion free and uses the latest in time stretch technology.

9. I'm not playing the guitar yet, how can Riffmaster Pro help me?

10. Can I play a CD with RMP?

Riffmaster Pro is not JUST for guitarists, its use is universal, regardless of your instrument, your skill level, or the type or gender of music you play.

This software is an invaluable tool for any musician because it enables you to slow down a song so you can hear not only WHAT is being played but the nuances of HOW it is being played. We also have dancers using RMP to work with routines at different speeds, singing teachers and transcribers using RMP to work with spoken word audios and podcasts.

RMP windows version has a cd rip function which means you can extract a song from a cd placed in your computer disc drive save to mp3 or wav with RMP.

RMP will then automatically make the new file available to slow down, loop or change pitch.

Riffmaster Pro removed this from the Mac version because iTunes is faster.

11. Can I Save the Slowed Down Files?

Yes you can. RMP has a save function you can save the slowed down music file at any speed you wish to (saves as mp3 or wav, or AIFF in the mac version). This means you can save various speeds of a song so you can burn to cd or use as speed training.

You Get a Free Trial Option with Riffmaster Pro!

If you're on the fence still or testing multiple products then Riffmaster Pro is offering a 10-Day Free Trial. Go ahead and click the button below to try it for yourself!